What is checkon.me

A revolutionary combination of smartphone app and web portal that has been built to provide a safety net for lone workers. The cloud-connected app offers protection for independent workers entering potentially dangerous situations.

Ideal for estate agents, engineers, carers, and any other workers who are at greater risk as a result of independent work. The app, combined with the web portal, boasts multi-functionality and resiliency:

  • Web management portal
  • Centralised view of all workers
  • Historical reports
  • SOS function for immediate assistance
  • Timed alarms
  • GPS location reporting
  • Timed <strong>Alarm</strong> System

    Timed Alarm System

    Ensure worker safety, checkon.me enables users to set a check in timer. A flexible alarm that suits a variety of working roles and industries, which can, for example, be set based on the end of their working day or arrival at a location.

    If the user does not check in within the time set, an alarm will trigger; alerting the users designated emergency contacts.

  • Manual <strong>SOS</strong> Alerts

    Manual SOS Alerts

    In the event of a genuine emergency, the user has the option to send an SOS Alert. This is triggered by pressing and holding the SOS button in the checkon.me app.

    This sends an instant alert to emergency contacts allowing them to view the users information as well as location.

  • Complete <strong>Control</strong>

    Complete Control

    A fully-featured management portal provides complete control and peace of mind. Manage users, emergency contacts, groups, reports and more.

    Access real-time employee location data, acknowledge and manage alarms, and view statistics.


    alarm-based system


    for emergencies


    and response portal


    in case of loss/failure

The Possibilities of checkon.me

Whether in the hands of an estate agent on a viewing, an electrician entering homes, carer supporting vulnerable people, or delivery driver, the power of the checkon.me app is clear to see.

Employers can be confident in added protection and assurance for their workers, building a safe working environment and meeting health & safety requirements.